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    Place of work: Beijing
    Job duties:
    1, to solve practical problems and carry out exploratory research and innovation, design and pattern recognition, image/video intelligent analysis and processing related algorithms;
    2, responsible for computer vision, in-depth learning related technical systems and products research and development work;
    3, responsible for computer vision, in-depth learning related technical difficulties and prospective research;
    4, responsible for the algorithm's code implementation, optimization and transplantation;
    5, responsible for algorithm computing performance optimization, and promote its on-line application.
    1, master's degree or above, computer, electronic information or software, etc..
    2, in the in-depth study, statistical learning, computer vision, optimization methods, etc..
    3, familiar with the basic algorithm of object(human body, face, Universal target) detection, tracking and recognition;
    4, has a solid mathematical foundation, with basic knowledge such as pattern recognition, image processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and signal processing;
    5, has a strong algorithm implementation ability, proficient in c/c + + programming, familiar with MATLAB, has a certain understanding of smart video processing, has actual project development experience is preferred;
    6, English proficiency, have good English reading ability;
    7, a sense of responsibility, rigorous and meticulous, with a good sense of innovation and team spirit.

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