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    Smart Business Intelligent Transportation Security

    Zhongta shoes

    Zhongta shoes Group has a long history in the retail shoe industry, with dozens of chain stores all over the country. In the past ten years, China has made hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes free of charge for the society, established an excellent brand image, and China's shoe industry has built a chain of aircraft carriers for China's retail shoe industry. The China Development Group-Market Development Center mainly includes marketing development department, brand marketing department, advertising department, and decoration company. As the most core competitive Department of the China Development Group, the Market Development Center has 10 years of marketing experience and has a professional marketing team. He has successfully planned the opening and operation of dozens of large stores and shopping malls, and has achieved good market effects. He has strong market gathering ability and brand promotion ability.

    Its core goals: Through the continuous innovation of CI construction, advertising release, store design, and radio recording, Zhongta Store will be built into the most specialized Super terminal, expanding the market share of each store, and increasing store profit space. Make "Zhongta" the first retail shoe industry brand, build a Super terminal for the retail shoe industry that radiates the country, and realize the Chinese shoe king.

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