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    VION Smart "Face Recognition + Passenger Flow Statistics" Debuted in the Middle East Market

    Time:2018.10.08 Share:

    Jeddah skyline(image from network)

    In the eyes of the Chinese, the Arab region, including Saudi Arabia, is a place full of magical colors, full of exotic Arabian robes and headscarves, and stories of princes and princesses around the world. When this historical mystery collides with cutting-edge artificial intelligence vision technology, robes, veils, and headscarves also seem to react strangely to face recognition.

    Jeddah Street View(photo from the Internet)

    Jeddah is an important commercial center and financial center in Saudi Arabia, the second largest city in the country and the largest port. More than half of the country's large integrated enterprise groups are headquartered in Jeddah, and the city of Jeddah has the highest commercial sales in the country, accounting for about one third of Saudi Arabia's total merchandise sales. While the world is enjoying the convenience and direct benefits of artificial intelligence technology, commercial organizations in developed cities such as Jeddah have already been ready to find their own technology products to improve management. In the field of commercial chain, passenger flow statistics has always been an important data source for the KPI assessment of stores. However, traditional statistical methods and equipment, combined with specific scenes in the Middle East, always have various special problems.

    Virgin mobile, Jeddah's largest mobile-phone chain, has always been a local favourite brand of mobile phone supplier, and there are now dozens of chain stores in the city. As a leader in the local telecommunications industry, Virgin Mobile has also been adhering to the concept of "continuous innovation and technology leadership" for many years and has been at the forefront of its peers. However, as with other shopping centers and stores, in the past, Virgin Mobile's use of traditional passenger flow statistics has always been a problem with inaccurate data, especially for shops with more employees. There are too many duplicate data, and the daily passenger flow is not The most true data, Not to mention the statistical accuracy of the daily passenger flow and monthly passenger flow of dozens of chain stores.

    VION Intelligence, as China's leading artificial intelligence visual technology service provider, has provided Virgin Mobile with an accurate and efficient face passenger flow solution based on its deep technological accumulation and mature products and programs to help it achieve customer gender and age in a short period of time. Attribute recognition, Repeated shop staff filtering and other large amount of basic data information acquisition; At the same time, users can also use the cloud management platform provided by VION Intelligence to realize remote tour stores and accurately count the daily and monthly passenger flow data of each store; The "face recognition + passenger flow statistics" system scheme embedded in the specific optimized in-depth learning algorithm for the Middle East scene makes face recognition faster and the data more accurate. Based on accurate and effective data, users can then adjust their strategies to increase store popularity and effectively improve store performance.

    From this station, from the ridge on the Red Sea coast to Dubai on the Persian Gulf, to Sri Lanka and Singapore, and then to Europe and North America, VION Smart AI visual products and programs will increasingly appear in overseas markets., Let the world cheer for us.

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