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    Integrated Smart People Counter and Attribute Analyzer


    StarNet High Density GPU Video Analysis Server


    Integrated Smart People Counter


    Integrated Smart Heat Map Camera


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    Successful cases

    Asustek Experience Store


    As the world's leading 3C solution provider, Asustek has always been at the forefront of the times and the market, whether in product planning or channel optimization. The project's establishment and implementation comes from Asustek's...

    Zhongta shoes


    ?Zhongta shoes Group has a long history in the retail shoe industry, with dozens of chain stores all over the country. In the past ten years, China has made hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes free of charge for the society, estab...

    Xincheng Holding Group


    Xincheng Holding Group Xincheng Holdings's flagship of the city complex, Wuyue Plaza, has a strong financial strength and a new generation of experiential business models. It has deeply cultivated commercial property subdivision areas...

    Red Star Meikelong Commercial Plaza


    Accurate and efficient passenger flow has always been the focus of the shopping center operation. It is not only the most basic data of commercial real estate operation, but also the guarantee of achieving commercial goals. Red Star Me...

    "Ping An Lijiang" Intelligent Transportation System Project


    Through the construction of seven major systems, namely the HD video monitoring system, the HD electronic police system, the HD bayonet, the speed measurement system, the induction system, the signal signal network control system, the ...



    BEIJING VION TECHNOLOGY,INC. founded in 2005 and located in Zhongguancun Science Park, is a hi-tech enterprise recognized by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and specializing in the research and development of core algorithms and products of artificial intelligence. With our founder known as an expert in the computer vision and AI field, a strong R&D team composed of doctors and masters from institutions including Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and top international partners, VionTech has developed a series of core algorithms of image recognition, high performance AI hardware platforms and industry-customized intelligent solutions independently.

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    Address:8/F, BLDG 2E, Fenghao east road No.9, Haidian district, Beijing 100094



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    Business cooperation:marketing@vion-tech.com

    Dispatch of resume:hr@vion-tech.com

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